Nicholas "Nick" Delmore

Nicholas "Nick" Delmore (real name Nicholas Amoruso) was a mobster in the New Jersey crime family, one of the oldest crime families in the US that was later renamed the DeCavalcante crime family.


In 1957, Phil Amari stepped down as boss of the New Jersey mob as a result of multiple factions operating underneath who all conspired to take over. While still in charge, he relocated to Sicily and was replaced by Nicholas "Nick" Delmore, who with Underbosses of Elizabeth and Newark, Frank Majuri and "Fat Lou" Louis LaRasso attended the infamous 1957 Apalachin Convention to represent the small New Jersey crime family.

As Delmore kept running the organization before he became ill in the early 1960s, the rebellious times of New Jersey had finally ended. Old age and problems with law enforcement caused Delmore to step down as boss in 1964, retiring from organized crime and his nephew Sam DeCavalcante was quickly installed as new boss of the newly official recognized "DeCavalcante crime family" of North Jersey.

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