Nicholas Nardi

Nicholas A. Nardi (born in 1920s) was a soldier and Labor Racketeer in the Los Angeles crime family. He was the brother of John Nardi a mobster in the Cleveland crime family who was killed after a bloody gang war for control of the Cleveland mob.


Nardi is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, brother of mobster John Nardi, and a nephew of Anthony Milano and cousin of Peter Milano, Carmen Milano and Anthony Delsanter all high ranking members in organized crime. Before moving to L.A., Nardi along with his brother John, were associates of the Cleveland mob. Nicholas was present in the Teamsters local building where he and his brother both worked when John was killed in a car-bomb in the Teamster parking lot.

Nardi is a documented member of the Milano crime family formerly residing in California. Nardi most recently was indicted by Emily Sweeny, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio and the Cleveland grand jury on 1 count of perjury in violation of Title 18, US code, Section 1623.

Nardi's offense was incurred in relation to statements he made during a labor case involving the IBT. At the time Nardi served as the Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters' Local 416 and the President of Teamsters, Joint Council 41. Nardi's statements denying that he had associated with Peter and Carmen Milano within 2 years of the date of his sworn statements were proven false. Nardi was seeking to retain the union positions he gained after moving back east from Los Angeles after he was acquitted in a case involving associates of the Milano's and Michael Rizzitello.

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