Anthony M. "Nino" Parrino (May 8, 1936 - November 3, 2014) was a one-time consigliere and the last known Boss of the St. Louis crime family.


Coming out of the "Vitale side" of the St. Louis crime family, Anthony "Nino" Parrino was heavily tied in with Teamsters locals and very much part of St. Louis' underworld. He fell into the role of Consigliere or counselor around the time Tony Giordano passed away. By 1986, with boss Trupiano going away to prison, Parrino was openly referring to himself "as the boss". Following Trupiano's death in 1997, Parrino took official control of the family. With Parrino, the St. Louis family's long standing ties to the Chicago Outfit and Detroit Partnership were assumed to be broken.

Parrino was believed to be running the family together with long time St. Louis mobster Joseph Cammarata in tandem. Cammarata was considered to be Parrino's Underboss and was the last known Underboss of the St. Louis mob as he reportedly died in September of 2013 and it is unknown who, if anyone, has replaced him.

Parrino is an element for the bygone era of the St. Louis mob which has been in decline since the 1980s and is considered by some to be on the brink of extinction as the family has failed to replenish its ranks and many of its members have either died, retired or are inactive in organized crime. The St. Louis mob is now an organization that seems not to concern law enforcement, both local or federal.

Parrino died on November 4, 2014 at the age of 78. It is unknown who, if anyone, has replaced him as boss.

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