Onofrio Sciortino (April 17, 1891- September 10, 1959) was an Italian American mobster credited with starting the San Jose crime family in 1942.


Born and raised in Sicily, he came in through the second wave of the Italian Immigration Act. It is almost certain that organized crime existed before his arrival in San Jose. Sciortino derived the majority of his profits from loansharking, gambling and prostitution. He was considered the first official La Cosa Nostra crime boss of San Jose until his death from natural causes on September 10, 1959.

Sciortino was reportedly a gambling addict, often squandering thousands of dollars per day. To support his habit, he engaged in extensive racketering, ranging from counterfeiting and shylocking to prostitution and extortion throughout San Jose.

He died from a massive heart attack in September of 1959 while reading a newspaper. He was succeeded by his alleged underboss Joseph Cerrito.

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