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Pasquale Conte

Pasquale Conte (born 1925 Sicily-died October 9, 2014), also known as "Patsy", was a New York mobster who became a caporegime with the Gambino crime family. Conte was replaced by Domenico Cefalu as capo in 1994 and was subsequently "shelved" by the administration.


Born in Sicily, Conte is a resident of Roslyn, New York. Pasquale Conte was a New York City businessman/capo in the Gambino crime family area. He sat on the Board of Directors for the Key Food supermarket franchise chain. The cooperative also operates stores under the Key Food Marketplace, Key Fresh & Natural, Food Dynasty, Urban Market, Food World, Food Universe Marketplace, Super Fresh, and The Food Emporium banners.

Alfano murder

On February 18, 1987, Conte was indicted on charges of ordering the shooting of Sicilian mobster Pietro Alfano in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan. Authorities arrested Conte at Kennedy International Airport as he was preparing to fly to Puerto Rico.Conte was holding $7,000 cash and had a visa for Argentina. On May 20, 1987, the government dropped the charges against him without any explanation.

DiBono murder

In 1990, Gambino boss John Gotti ordered the murder of mobster Louis DiBono, DiBono had allegedly been disrespectful to Gotti, who decided to eliminate him, and sent Bobby Boriello to attend to Dibono. In October 1990, DiBono's bullet-ridden body was discovered in the front seat of a Cadillac sedan in the underground garage at the New York World Trade Center.

In February 1993, Conte was charged with the DiBono murder. However, in January 1994 a mistrial was declared due to a hung jury. In June 1994, Conte was reindicted on the DiBono murder. In lieu of a retrial, Conte decided to accept a plea bargain deal from the government.

On June 21, 1994, Conte and two others pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder in the DiBono case. Conte was sentenced in September 1994 to seven and a half years in prison. He was released from federal prison on September 26, 2003.