Pasquale "Patty Specs" Martirano (1930- 1990 Belleville, New Jersey)

Controlling North Jersey Faction

Pasquale "Patty Specs" Martirano was once the probable successor to imprisoned Mafia boss Nicodemo Scarfo. According to New Jersey law enforcement Martirano was identified as a capo Philadelphia crime family. Martirano was listed in the 1989 Pennsylvania Crime Commission organizational chart of the Philadelphia crime family. Martirano was described as low-key, similar to former boss Angelo Bruno. After Scarfo and most of his top associates were imprisoned early in 1987, Martirano was considered the likely successor. However, Martirano was content to maintain his leadership of Newark, New Jersey and avoid the law enforcement attention that would come with leading the Philadelphia-South Jersey faction. Martirano's indictment in June 1988 on racketeering charges and his decision to leave the country for Italy made it clear he would not take over the Philly organization. Martirano was a significant figure in North Jersey Joseph Licata, reportedly heads the North Jersey operations since Martirano’s death in 1990.

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