Paul "No Legs" Hankish (8 Jul 1931–11 May 1998) was a powerful associate of the Pittsburgh crime family and West Virginia racket boss.

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The Beginning

Paul Nathaniel Hankish was born in Wheeling, West Virginia on July 8, 1931.

Hankish recieved the nickname "No Legs" after losing his legs as a result of a car bomb assassination attempt. The attempt was believed to be ordered by Wheeling racket boss William "Big Bill" Lias. Hankish later hired New Jersey mobster Raymond Freda to take out Lias at his Wheeling home; Lias wouldn't come out. Hankish was later informed by an FBI agent that they were aware of the plot to kill Lias.

When Bill Lias died of heart failure in 1970, Hankish took over as Wheeling's crime boss.


Paul Hankish died in federal prison in 1998 while serving 33 1/2 years for racketeering, gambling, cocaine distribution and income-tax evasion

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