Pete "The Greek" Diapoulas

Pete "The Greek" Diapoulas (date of birth and death unknown) was a Greek-American mobster who is known for being the bodyguard of rebellious Colombo crime family capo "Crazy" Joey Gallo on the night of his murder.


Diapoulas was one of Joey Gallo's best friends and his bodyguard, Diapolous, referred to Gallo as a vicious, immoral killer possessed of a certain kind of charm when in a good mood, but undeniably dangerous.

Diapoulas was a part of the Gallo brother's gang which became known in the New York underworld as The International Mob, because it consisted of men of different cultural backgrounds; a Greek, two Syrians, an Egyptian, a Jew, a Puerto Rican, an Irishman and by necessity, some Italians. It also at one time included a dwarf called Armando Mando Illiano, and if we believe the legend, a lion called Cleo who was kept in the cellar of Armando's café. He was apparently a great discourager to late payers on the vig they owed the gang on their street loans.

Gallo's death

On the night of April 7, 1972, Joe Gallo was celebrating his 43rd birthday at Umberto's Clam House in the Little Italy section of Manhattan. Gallo was accompanied by his sister Carmella, wife Sina Essary, her daughter Lisa, his bodyguard Peter "Pete the Greek" Diapoulas, and Diapoulas' female companion. Earlier that evening, the Gallo party visited the Copacabana Club in Manhattan with Jerry and Marta Orbach to see a performance by comedian Don Rickles. Once at Umberto's, the Gallo party took two tables, with Gallo and Diapoulas facing the wall.

At Umberto's, Gallo was spotted by an associate of the Colombo crime family who passed this information onto other members of the Colombo family who decided to quickly organize a hit on Gallo who was at war with the Colombo family hierarchy.

Between seafood courses, four gunmen burst into the dining room and opened fire with .32 and .38 caliber revolvers. Gallo swore and drew his handgun. Twenty shots were fired and Gallo was hit in the back, elbow, and buttock. After overturning a butcher block dining table, Gallo ran for the front door and the hitmen continued shooting him as he staggered out of the restaurant and collapsed on the sidewalk dead. Witness would claim that Gallo was attempting to draw fire away from his family. Diapoulas was shot once in the buttocks as he dove for cover.

Colombo family gunman, Carmine DiBiase was allegedly the hitman who shot Gallo twice before Diapolous could draw his gun. Bufalino crime family associate Frank Sheeran would later claim that he was the man who killed Gallo.

Diapoulas was the only person prosecuted in connection with the event – for possessing an unregistered firearm. His handgun was unloaded at the time of his arrest because his remaining live rounds had been cleverly emptied into the widow's handbag.

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