Philip Buccola

Philip Buccola (Born 1886, Palermo, Sicily - Died 1987) was an early leader of the Boston Mafia and the predecessor of "The Man" Raymond Patriarca.


Buccola was born in 1886 in Palermo, Sicily, and immigrated to America in 1920 where he worked as a fighting promoter. He got involved with organized crime and connected with Gaspare Messina. When Messina died in 1924 Buccola assumebly took over. In 1931 he and his second in command, Giuseppe Lombardo, ordered a hit team to whipe out the rival Gustin Gang to stop them from taking over their liquor business. By 1932 Buccola was recognized as the leader of Boston's mafia. In 1947 Buccola was targeted by the law for taking over the Rhode Island operations of Frank Morelli, who was regarded as the boss of the Providence area and retired that year. In 1954, Buccalo retired and moved back to Sicily, leaving his business to Raymond Patriarca. In Italy he was known to have associated with legendary mob boss Lucky Luciano. However, during the 1960's and 1970's Buccola was spotted several times in Boston and it is believed he still operated as a senior advisor. Buccola eventually died at the age of 101 years old in 1987.

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