Randolph Pizzolo

Randolph Pizzolo (1961-2004) was a Bonanno crime family associate who was killed in December 2004.

According to street talk, Vincent Basciano was jealous and wanted to make an example of Randolph because he wanted him out of the way so that Vinny could take reins of the Bonanno family while Massino was in prison. Vinny felt if he made an example of one person people feared, it'll send the message that Vinny was now in charge. Pizzolo owned various businesses in construction and was an earner for the Bonanno family. Massino asked "why didn't you just chase him?", it was then that it became apparent that Vinny "Gorgeous" was inexperienced in holding down a family and feared if he did so, Pizzolo would come after him. Basciano's move proved to haunt him as he is now serving life in prison for the Pizzolo murder amongst other charges. Consequently, the Pizzolo murder trial brought down an already crumbling Bonanno division with the most historical flip in mob history. That of mob boss Joe Massino who was rumored to have liked Pizzolo for the stand up man he was. Pizzolo was lured to Brooklyn where several Bonnano mobsters were waiting including Reputed Solider Anthony "Ace" Aiello after brief meeting Aiello shot Pizzolo seven times. Aiello took plea deal for the hit is now doing 30 years in Federal Prison.

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