Raymond Patriarca, Jr.

Raymond J. Patriarca, Jr. (born February 24, 1945) a.k.a. "Ray Junior" a.k.a. "Junior" is a Providence, Rhode Island, mobster who succeeded his father, Raymond Patriarca, as head of the Patriarca crime family in 1984.


Patriarca Jr. was born to Raymond Patriarca. and Rit. His mother died in 1965 and Raymond married a former nightclub hostess moved in with her in a home in Johnston, Rhode Island Although supported by the majority of family in favor of Boston racketeer Gennaro Angiulo, Patriarca's reign was considerably weaker compared to his father's leadership. Within the family, Angiulo was demoted and underboss William Grosso was later killed. With the support of the New York Gambino crime family, Patriarca managed to maintain stability within the family over the next several years.

In 1989, Patriarca and the entire family leadership was recorded by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents as they conducted a Mafia induction ceremony for four new members. This was the first such ceremony that the FBI had captured. Based largely on these tapes, federal prosecutors were able to convict Patriarca, Nicholas Bianco, Joseph Russo, Robert Carozza and other members of the crime family on racketeering-related charges.

Upon his release from prison, Patriarca retired from organized crime.

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