Rene Piccarreto

Rene Piccarreto (born July 26, 1924- died 2014) was the Consigliere of the Rochester crime family and an influential force in Rochester, New York's underworld. He developed ties with the Bonanno crime family and during the "Alphabet wars" was a member of the so-called "A Team", which consisted of loyalists to then boss Samuel Russotti. He was the father of fellow Rochester mobster Loren Piccarreto.


Piccarreto was the son of Vito Piccarreto, who was a Sicilian born mobster and member of the Buffalo crime family. Rene served as a messenger and driver Stanley and Frank Valenti, to whom he would later serve as Consigliere until members of the Rochester mob uncovered that Valenti was "keeping certain moneys" for himself and using the skimmed money to purchase property and make business investments in Phoenix, Arizona. In a meeting that included Piccareto, Russotti and Salvatore Gingello, they confronted Valenti with the allegations that he was withholding profits from the family's operations from the rest of the members.

In May 1972, the three men approached Valenti again, this time ordering him to relinquish the family's records and to turn over the money that he had skimmed. He was told it was time for him to retire. Valenti turned over what was requested, but immediately ordered Chirico to kill Russotti, Gingello, and Piccarreto. Realizing the strength of family members loyal to the trio, the soldiers under Chirico refused to carry out Valenti's orders. Valenti then retired to Arizona, leaving Russotti as the new boss of the family, but the takeover by the new regime would lead to the creation of rival factions within the crime family and a bloody gangwar that became known as the "Alphabet wars", as those loyal to Russotti were known as the "A Team" and those loyal to Valenti ally, Thomas Didio were known as the "B Team".

In 1977, Piccarreto was jailed along with other high ranking members of the family for the murder of Jimmy Massaro, but were all released a year later when it was revealed that the police had fabricated evidence to gain the convictions.

Piccarreto continued to operate and eliminate Valenti loyalists and was seen as Rochesters man. However, in 1984, he was convicted of RICO charges and sentenced to 23 years in prison. While in prison, his son Loren became Underboss of the family after the imprisonment of Richard "Dick" Marino.

Piccarreto was reportedly released from prison in 2007 and died of natural causes in 2014.

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