Ronald Turchi
Biographical information
Full Name Ronald Turchi
Nationality FlagOFItaly.png 1235px-Flag of the United States.svg.png Italian-American
Base of Operations Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Affiliations Philadelphia crime family
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown

Ronald Turchi (Born 1938 - Died 1999) was a convicted arsonist who was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment in 1979 but was released in 1989 after serving 10 years. That same year he earned induction into the Philadelphia Crime Family and was a soldier under boss John Stanfa. He was a favorite of Stanfa and was awarded a lucrative numbers operation which was under the supervision of Joseph Massimino.

Turchi remained loyal to Stanfa but later joined the uprising that let to Ralph Natale becoming boss of the family. When Natale first emerged from prison and grabbed the reins of the Philly mafia, he named Turchi, a boyhood chum of his as the Family’s consigliere. In 1997 Turchi violated his parole by being spotted with Natale, Joseph Merlino and other crime figures. Soon after Turchi was demoted to the rank of soldier and replaced by Merlino's pal Steven "Handsome Stevie" Mazzone.

A close associate of his, Louis Turra, made many attempts to murder Joey Merlino and refused to pay a street tax on his drug dealing operation.

On October 26, 1999 Turchi was found in the trunk of his wife’s car, hogtied and shot in the back in the head in the wake of his friend, jailed syndicate don Ralph Natale, turning witness for the government. Turchi was set-up to be killed by Roger Vella, a convicted murderer, FBI informant and one-time driver for mob boss Joey Merlino.

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