Rosario Carlisi
Biographical information
Full Name Rosario Roy Carlisi
Nationality FlagOFItaly.png 1235px-Flag of the United States.svg.png Italian-American
Base of Operations Buffalo, New York, United States
Affiliations Buffalo crime family
The Chicago Outfit
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown

Rosario "Roy" Carlisi was a capo within the Buffalo crime family and was the brother of onetime Outfit boss "Black Sam" Sam Carlisi. He was also one of the attendees of the famous Apalachin meeting in 1957.


Rosario Carlisi was born in Chicago in 1909. His federal arrests began in 1937 for violations against liquor laws, malicious mischief, gambling and contempt. When his brother joined a crew headed by Joseph Aiuppa, Rosario chose to move towards Buffalo where he became part of the Magaddino Family. In day to day life he operated as a restaurant owner. In 1957 Carlisi joined John C. Montana, Antonio Magaddino, James LaDuca and Stefano Magaddino to Apalachin, New York. By that time he was a capo within the family ranks and was invited to discuss the national drug trafficking business. Carlisi was also one of the few high leveled Magaddino members who wasn't related to it's boss Stefano Magaddino. As the meeting proceeded, the police started to notice there was something going on and invaded the ranch. Carlisi was one of the many attendees who fled into the nearby woods and eventualy got arrested and taken away for questionning. The Apalachin disgrace weighed hard on the Magaddino family, as Stefano had suggested to keep the meeting in Apalachin instead of Chicago.

In 1959 Carlisi was ordered to Civil Prison for refusing to answer any questions to the State Investigations Commission. He was released again after paying a $5.000 bail. During the mid 1960's the Magaddino family went through internal problems as capo Angelo Pieri and his followers decided they wanted to get rid of Stefano Magaddino and his son Peter. Due to the frictions the family split in 2 factions with Carlisi staying close by Magaddino's side. In June 1970 Carlisi was arrested while having lunch with Frank Valenti, Joseph Fino and another mobster. A couple of days later the charges against Carlisi and Joseph Fino were dropped. Valenti and his brother were the leaders of the Rochester Mafia and although they were made members of the LaRocca family, they also had to pay cash funds to the Magaddino Family because Rochester belonged to their territory. Valenti and LaRocca capo Antonio Ripepi eventually vouched for independence and got it without any retaliation.

Carlisi died during the 1980's, by this time his brother Sam had took leadership of the Chicago Outfit.

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