Sam Farkas

Samuel "Sam" Farkas (born 1917- date of death 2006) was a onetime bodyguard and member of the Mickey Cohen syndicate in Los Angeles, California.


Farkas was born to parents of Hungarian extraction. The hulking mobster became associated with notorious Los Angeles mob boss Mickey Cohen during the 1940s and 50s. On December 27, 1952, Farkas, described by the Los Angeles Times as "Mickey Cohen's bodyguard," beat the rap on a robbery charge. During Cohen's most turbulent years feuding with the Los Angeles crime family, Farkas was his ever present bodyguard and friend and reportedly lived with Cohen and his wife Lavonne in their Brentwood home. Sam Farkas later married Mickey Cohen's ex-wife Lavonne with the permission of Mickey Cohen.

In April, 1951, Farkas was arrested along with eleven others, by police in a raid on a Mickey Cohen owned bordello that was overseen by Hollywood madame Svelte Barrie Benson, which authorities said catered to the prominent movie star and socialite celebrity trade. By the 1950s, Cohen's gang and his operations had begun to disintegrate and Farkas continued to operate in Southern California as an associate of the Los Angeles crime family. He was repeatedly identified as a prominent associate of the L.A. mafia in both a 1960s organized crime chart under boss Nick Licata and in a 1959 Report of the Subcommittee on Rackets – organized crime in California- as a West Coast organized crime figure.

On July 9, 1974, Farkas was indicted on RICO charges along with many prominent members of the Los Angeles family, including Peter Milano, Samuel Sciortino, Dominic Brooklier and Raymond "Rocky" DeRosa, many of whom ended up pleading guilty to the charges to avoid lengthy jail terms. In 1980, Farkas was again indicted with other mobsters and convicted of RICO violations for extorting money from bookmakers and pornographers.

His date of Death is August 8th 2006.

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