Stephen "The Whale" Cino

Stephen Anthony Cino (born October 29, 1936- died March 11, 2013) known as "The Whale" because of his size, was a soldier in the Los Angeles crime family who had his base of operations in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Cino was born in Buffalo, New York on Oct. 29, 1936, and was affiliated with members of the Buffalo crime family. He lived in Las Vegas since 1980 and was inducted into the Los Angeles crime family along with singer "Bobby Milano" Charles Caci (brother of Jimmy Caci), Luigi "Louie" Gelfuso, Jr. and shylock brothers Lawrence and Anthony Fiato.

Cino, along with Bobby Panaro of the Buffalo crime family were sentenced in September 1999 to 7½ and 15 years in prison for planning the murder of Chicago Outfit associate and Las Vegas loanshark, "Fat Herbie" Herbert Blitzstein in 1997, according to past media reports the two gangsters were allegedly part of a joint effort by the Buffalo-Todaro crime family and the Los Angeles-Milano crime family led by Peter Milano to take over his street rackets, which included prostitution, insurance fraud and loansharking in Las Vegas. Of the seven people arrested in the plot to kill Blitzstein, four pleaded guilty to lesser charges in order to receive reduced sentences. One died in prison awaiting trial, and two went to trial and were acquitted.

Stephen "The Whale" Cino passed away on March 11, 2013 of natural causes.

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