I think Carlo Gambino is the greatest Mafia Don of all time.Andrew nicholson 14:43, August 7, 2010 (UTC)

I definitely would have to agree. If dumb ass John Gotti had followed Carlo's "rule's of business", low key life style, never discuss business at any location (walk & talk), don't do business with junkies, fly under the radar, e.t.c. The Family would have been much more successful.

This says that Vincent Mangano was made the boss of the Mineo crime family by Maranzano and it remained with the formation of the Commission in 1931, but Maranzano made his ally Frank Scalise boss, where he remained until Luciano orchestrated Maranzano's murdered. Luciano believed Scalise was too close to Maranzano to be trusted and therefore forced Scalise to step down in favor of Mangano, who Luciano trusted. Vbdavis (talk) 04:17, August 21, 2016 (UTC)vbdavis

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