The Friday Kings are a small crew based out of Liverpool,England who operate for the powerful Patrone crime family out of Las Vegas,Nevada. They also have strong ties to many families of the Cosa Nostra, including the five families of New York. The Friday Kings are the only crew without a boss since the exile of founding member Paul "Eyebrows" Ellis who fled to Australia after losing power and control of the kings and fearing for his own life. He was the original boss but now the Friday Kings is led by 5 captains Paul "The Messiah" Ormond who is also considered the Friday Kings consigliere as he is the most respected member. Other captains are Daniel "Pretty Boy" Poland, Adam "Chilli" Carney, Chris "The Sandwich Man" Griffin and Dave "The Rave" Hunter. Each captain controls his own crew. Paul Ormond runs the Young Offenders Crew, Daniel Poland runs the Picton Massive,Adam Carney runs the Garston affiliation, Chris Griffin runs the Litherland crew and newly made captain Dave Hunter took control of former boss Paul Ellis crew the Merseyside triads.The name the Friday Kings was given to them by Ellis himself as weekley business meetings occurred on a Friday evening at Slaters bar. The main source of income for the Friday Kings is through the Royal Sun Alliance Motability Scheme.


The Great Belt War Of 2014

The Case Of Jack Ball

The Monday Club


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