The Untouchables: Capone Rising is a prequel to director Brian De Palma's earlier film The Untouchables(film). It tells the story of Al Capone, his arrival in Chicago and his dealings with cop Jimmy Malone, portrayed by Gerard Butler, and Capone's subsequent rise to power. Beginning with Capone's killing of Edwin Macy in New York, Capone moves to Chicago. Jimmy Malone, recently promoted to detective, befriends Capone. He is not bribed by money, but respects him by arresting his henchmen but not Capone as his 9 year old son is present. Capone returns the favor by letting a witness to a murder, a maid named Halina, live. He changes his mind and has her killed on a train. In revenge, Malone soon begins to rally Irish gangsters, culminating in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Antoine Fuqua was originally attached to direct in 2004, but DePalma took over the reins a year later. Shooting was set to begin in June 2007, but was delayed to October. Gerard Butler signed on to star in May 2007, and Nicolas Cage was negotiated with to play Al Capone, but left due to scheduling difficulties. In a November 2007 interview, De Palma said that if he could not cast the lead role and begin production within the next month that he may move on to other projects; De Palma stated that he needed to be shooting during the winter to recreate the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

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