Tommy Ricciardi

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Thomas Louis Ricciardi (born around 1930- died 1979) also known as "Tommy" or "Tommy Fingers", was a soldier and enforcer for the Los Angeles crime family.


Ricciardi was born and raised in New York City. He was an enforcer for the Colombo crime family before moving to California where he became associated with the Los Angeles mafia. Ricciardi allegedly was sent to the West Coast by the Colombo family to represent their interests in California and also to collect a debt for the Providence Mob and wound up staying in Los Angeles working with Los Angeles crime family capo Mike Rizzitello who reportedly used Ricciardi in a shakedown that turned out to be an FBI sting operation named Forex which was set up by San Diego mob boss and FBI informant Frank Bompensiero in cooperation with the FBI. This led to Bompensiero being discovered as a rat and a murder contract being put on his life.

On February 10, 1977, Frank Bompensiero was shot to death at close range with a silenced .22 caliber handgun while standing in a phone booth in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego. In 1978, Jimmy "the weasel" Fratianno turned government witness and told law enforcement that mob associate Thomas Ricciardi was the hit man in the Bompensiero slaying in return for membership in the Los Angeles family. When Ricciardi shot Bompensiero, Dominic Brooklier was on the other end of the phone line and Jack LoCicero was waiting in the getaway car. The government later charged Ricciardi with Bompensiero's murder.

On May 16, 1978, Ricciardi and Marty Allenstein were sentenced to 14 months and 2 months in prison for extortion related to the collection of a gambling debt. Ricciardi's sentence would be served concurrent to a 10 year term he was serving on the same charges issued by the state.

Ricciardi's career as a member of the L.A. mob was short lived, he died of heart disease on April 29, 1979, before he could go to trial on charges of extortion and the Bompensiero killing. The rest of the defendants in the murder trial were acquitted.

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