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Oh my gosh! Thank you for your contribution to the Hector Pagan article which I started but became too lazy to finish! I am a mob history buff too (amateur but ya know) but I have to know where you found all of your information on Pagan! So interesting! -ZachNCheese

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Hey! Just an update on the pages for Sclafani and the Garofalos... I started and finished Joseph "Joe Boy" Sclafani. I am in the middle of a busy Science Olympiad competition season (regionals this weekend and state soon after) along among other school related responsibilities. I usually log on here during my free time in school and I will look into writing the other articles when I get everything relaxes out. Keep in touch --ZachNCheese (talk) 04:48, February 13, 2015 (UTC)ZachNCheese

Hi Alem91 My Name is Anthony Calabrese I am a family man a and a business professional My image is on the Soldier page could you please remove it. you can verify this by the other images on Linkedin and Face book. Thanks for the consideration.

Why would you steal my work on the Detroit mafia? nearly all your pictures and lay out is identical to my charts. At least be a man and give credit do the real maker.

Does Joe savarese have a son

Did joe savarese have a son that got killed

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