Vince DeNiro

James V. "Vince" DeNiro (born 1922- died July 17, 1961) was a notorious Youngstown, Ohio mob associate and gambling boss.


DeNiro was a handsome and debonair mobster who was one of Youngstown's 'policy kings'. He ran the Dry Men's Social club and was the owner of the Cicero restaurant. DeNiro became one of the leading underworld figures in the Mahoning Valley during the 1950s and early 1960s and was heavily involved in the numbers racket. He soon developed a bitter rivalry with Joseph "Sandy" Naples for the title of top mobster in Youngstown beginning in the early 1950s. DeNiro was known to be close with men who had connections with the Cleveland crime family, men such as Calogera Malfitano, said to be DeNiro's mentor, "Cadillac Charlie" Charles Cavallaro and "Tony Dope" Anthony Delsanter. In 1960, DeNiro became the undisputed kingpin of the Youngstown rackets when Sandy Naples was shotgunned to death along with his girlfriend, his brother Billy Naples would be killed the following year in a car bombing. DeNiro surrendered to police and underwent routine questioning in the Naples murder case but was not charged due to lack of evidence.

On July 17, 1961, just two weeks after Billy Naples' murder, DeNiro met a brutal end when his automobile was wired with a bomb on a hot Sunday night in the Uptown section of Youngstown. The force of the blast was so severe it shattered plate glass windows in 20 nearby businesses and shook houses from blocks around. Riding high in the prime of his life, Vince DeNiro was suddenly gone at the age of 39. His gangland slaying has never been solved. His great nephew Vincent was named after him

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