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Vincent Mangano

Vincent Mangano (March 28, 1888 - April 19, 1951), born Vincenzo Giovanni Mangano, also known as "The Executioner" as he was named in a Brooklyn newspaper, was the head of the Mangano crime family and also one of the infamous bosses of Murder, Incorporated from 1931 to 1951. His brother Phil Mangano was his right hand man and de facto, or substituto, underboss of the crime family which eventually became the Gambino crime family. He is also a distant paternal relative of current Genovese crime family Underboss Venero Mangano and a suspected relative of Lawrence Mangano.

Boss of the Gambino family

Mangano made the waterfront his family's main income producer. He and his associates would threaten to prevent cargo from being loaded or unloaded if the shipping company refused to pay a tribute. Mangano would force workers to pay a fee for every day they worked on the docks - because of this, the mob knew exactly what was on each ship and could choose what to steal.

Mangano and Camarda established the City Democratic Club, which promoted bedrock American values in the front room, while illegal activities were planned in the backroom. It became a regular meeting place for the members of Murder, Inc., the infamous gang of assassins who, for a price, did the bidding of the Italian mobsters. Phil Mangano frequented the club, as did Vincent's underboss, Albert Anastasia.

Feud with Anastasia

Mangano was the only one of the bosses who retained the old ways and a resentment grew from a new breed of mob leaders, including Anastasia. Anastasia grew to prefer the company of other mob bosses such as Charles Luciano, Frank Costello and Louis "Lepke" Buchalter. Likewise, Mangano grew to resent and mistrust Anastasia. The two men regularly argued and fought, having to be pulled apart - possibly for the protection of the elder Mangano who was no physical match for his younger underboss.


Although it ultimately took a full 20 years of working together for matters to come to a head, Mangano eventually met his end at the hands of Albert Anastasia, or so it is believed.

Phillip Mangano

In 1951, Anastasia is believed to have heard of a plot to kill him being formed by his boss, and decided to take pre-emptive action in what he would ultimately describe as "self defense." Phil Mangano was found murdered near Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn on April 19, 1951. Vincent also vanished the same day without trace. His body has never been found. Though Anastasia never admitted to having a hand in the Mangano murders, he managed to convince the heads of the other families that Vincent Mangano had been plotting to have him killed (a claim backed up by Frank Costello), and he was named as the new boss of the family.