Vito Alberti

Vito Alberti (born 1959) is a "made" soldier in the Genovese Crime Family.

Operation Fistful

In October 2014, Alberti, Genovese capo Charles Tuzzo (Chuckie), and nine other associates were arrested on charges of racketeering, money laundering, conspiracy, loan sharking and promoting gambling. According to authorities, Alberti and Tuzzo used check-cashing businesses and a Newark restaurant to run a racketeering enterprise that reaped millions of dollars through loan sharking and money laundering.

In all, about $12 million in illegal profit was collected through the various enterprises, in addition to a sports gambling operation that used an offshore website in Costa Rica.

Tuzzo, Alberti and five others were being held on $400,000 bail each.

Operation Fistful



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